Formally known as Google Body, the Zygote Body Browser gives you a 360 degree view of the human body. You can turn on layers to see bones, muscles, organs, and the nervous system. You can turn on all the layers at the same time and alter the transparency of each layer. Turn on labels to have labels appear each time you click on a part of the body.


How to compare two documents.

Do you need to compare two Microsoft Word Documents or two PDF’s? You don’t need to purchase any special software, those options are built into Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat.

microsoft-word adobe-acrobat

  • Open Microsoft Word
  • Select Review from the Menu Bar
  • Click on Compare
  • Browse and select the two documents you want to compare
  • Open Adobe Acrobat
  • Click on View
  • Select Compare Documents
  • Choose the two Documents that you want to compare